Financial data at you finger tips

We provide a data fetch solution for the finance team that makes data-driven decision making easy for business owners.   

Finance team gets to save atleast 4hrs per week preparing reports and Business owners gets reports that are accurate and updated daily. 

Data fetch solution for finance teams

We bring financial data into spreadsheets. So that you can build your models in spreadsheets

  • 12 Connectors

    We fetch data from various 3rd party tools and send them to spreadsheets

  • 26 data-fetch jobs

    A job brings a certain kind of data from a specific 3rd party tool to spreadsheets. 

  • 8 templates

    A template is a spreadsheet that you can use as your base to start building reports or models with.

Save atleast 4 hours per week

Automate feeding data into spreadsheets

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Perform FP&A in spreadsheets

You are already familiar with spreadsheets. We support both google sheets and microsoft excel.

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Save atleast 4 hours per week per client